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Sewing books 

Books Available from Fernholm Publishing 


Save with our sewing books - You don’t need patterns !!

1. TITLE: Sewing Little Girls and Ladies Nightwear
SUB TITLE: A New and Easy Way AUTHOR: June H. Fleming
ISBN 10: 1-883165-32-6 ISBN 13: 987-1-883165-32-1 LCCN: 93-70556 USA PRICE: $ 24.95

2. TITLE: Sewing Little Girls Clothing and Ladies Too
SUB TITLE: Fast and Easy Outfits AUTHOR: June H. Fleming
ISBN 10: 1-883165-33-4 ISBN 13: 978-1-883165-33-8 LCCN: 93-79250 USA PRICE: $ 24.95

3. TITLE: A Collection of Sewing Ideas
SUB TITLE: For Children Ladies and Dolls AUTHOR: June H. Fleming 
ISBN 10: 1-883165-34-2 ISBN 13: 978-1-883165-34-5 LCCN: 93-79249 USA PRICE: $ 24.95


4.. TITLE:  From a Dog of the Gentle Master
SUB TITLE: The Son Also Rises   AUTHOR: Kim Lee Seagull
ISBN:  10:  1-883165-53-9   ISBN:  13:  978-1-883165-53-6  LCCN:  94-78285 PRICE:  $ 14.95:

5. TITLE:  Memories 
SUBTILE:  O Life's Dreams  
ISBN;  10:  1-883165-54-7  ISBN:  13:  978-1-883165-54-3  PRICE:  $ 24.95
Published by:  Fernholm Publishing  -- This  book was written by June Helen Fleming for her mother Helen Dolan Fleming 
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Memories of Life's  Dreams will not be available. I will let you know when it is. My site is still under construction